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Kyo-mai Shinozuka-ryu (Japanese Traditional Dance) 京舞篠塚流

Zuiou Shinozuka 


Hiroko Umetani


Zuiou Shinozuka started her studies with the head of the Shinozuka school, 6th “Shinozuka Mizuho” in 1989. She took her performance name Zuiou Shinozuka in 1993.


Performances in Japan

(Held in Kyoto unless stated otherwise)


1995      Kyoto Concert Hall opening performance

1997      (Yamagata) Kurokawa City, Grassroots Summit by John Manjiro Whitfield Commemoration.

1999      Kobu Kaburenjo, Gion

2003      Oe Noh Theater

2004      Pontocho Kaburenjo, Miyagawacho

2007      Ichijoji international Center, ‘Welcome Performance of Hawaii University’

              Hyatt Regency Kyoto, for Japan beauticians convention ceremony

2011      Kamigamo Shrine World Heritage site ‘Moon viewing festival’ (photo I) 

2012      Kamigamo Shrine World Heritage site ‘Summer festival’

              ‘Manyou Kai’ Japanese music and dance concert, Hozo temple

2013      ‘Jiuta Nanairo’ Japanese music and dance concert, Hozo temple 

2014      ‘Jiuta Nanairo’ Japanese music and dance concert, Hozo temple

              ‘Jiuta Nanairo: Bangaihen’ Japanese music and dance concert, Nishiki Market (photo II)

              ‘Shinozuka Group Concert’, Pontocho Theater

2015      Kamigamo Shrine World Heritage site ‘Moon viewing festival’

              Kansai International School Festival Performance with Children

              Ichijoji International Center for Kids Christmas Party with students(photo VIII)

2016      ‘Kyoto Edo Era Dance’, performance by candle light at ‘Nishiki Agaru’ (classic Japanese house)(photo XI)

              ‘Spring Dance Concert by Shinozuka group’, Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and Culture




3/18      Osaka, ‘Kashiku Matsuri’ at Hoseiji Jiuta Shakkyo

4/02      ‘Uemura Wakako Group Concert’ at National Bunraku Theater, Jiuta Kanegamisaki 

4/16      ‘Spring Dance Concert by Shinozuka group’ at Seiganji, Jiuta Kurokami

6/17      45th ‘Kyo no Kai’ at Pontocho Kaburenjo, Jiuta Yachiyojishi

6/22      ‘Kyoto Dance in Machiya’, Suikawa Jiuta Kyo no Shiki, Fumizuki (photo XIII)



2/25      Zuiou Shinozuka, 1st Dance Recital, National Puppet Theater


In addition Zuiou Shinozuka has, since 2003, performed several times at Sumiya (Designated Important Cultural Property) in Shimabara, Kyoto, dancing as ‘Yachiyo-Dayu’ (photo III). She also performs the yearly Offering Dances at Yoshida shrine (photo Ia), Yasaka Shrine, and the World Heritage Site Kamigamo Shrine (photo VI). Her extensive teaching work has included dance performance at Dohda Senior High School of Arts, Kyoto and many classes and workshops for children.



1996      USA, Colorado Springs, Boston, San Francisco. Grassroots Summit by John Manjiro Whitfield Commemorative.

2005      Crottone, Italy: ‘Contemporary Music Concert’ (photo IV) 

2006      Via Reggio, Italy: ‘Open-air Concert for youth’

              Torre del Lago, Italy: ‘Japanese Evening’

2007      Torre del Lago, Italy: ‘Opening performance of Puccini Festival’ (photo V)

              Vienna, Austria: ‘Japanese Evening’ (photo VI)

2010      Vienna, Austria: ‘Bugheisya:Aikido and Japanese Dance’

2013      Vienna, Austria: Sakai City Opera Japanese Opera and Kyogen Concet at Akzent Theater (Photo VII) 

2015      Vienna, Austria: ‘A Japanese Traditional Culture performance and Workshop’ at Shobu-kan Dojo (PhotoX)

2016      Vienna, Austria: ‘Natsumatsuri – Sommerfest’, Pygmalion Theater. (PhotoXII)

2018      Taipei, Taiwan: Performance with Poetry, Calligraphy, Dance and Shadow play, Mme Sophie Hong’s Atelier

         Limassol, Cyprus: Advisor for the premier performance of ‘Tea Ceremony’, Rialto Theater Workshop, Dance Theater Limassol (photo XIII)

              Nottingham, UK: Recital and workshop, Nottingham University, Japan Society

              Sheffield, UK: Recital and workshop, Japan Playgroup and Study Club

              London, UK: Recital and workshop, SOAS, London University




2002      Opera ‘Haensel und Gretel’ by Humperdink, Hexe (Witch) 

2006      Torre del Lago, Italy: Opera ‘Madama Butterfly’, Puccini Festival.

2007      Sakai City Opera ‘Madama Butterfly’, Sakai City Hall.

2008      ‘Vocalise’ by S.Rachmaninoff, Sogo Theater, Osaka.

2009      ‘Sakura’ and some other Japanese songs

2013      Vienna, Austria: Sakai City Opera Japanese Opera and Kyogen Concert ‘Tsuzure’, Akzent Theater (photo VII)

2014      Opera ‘Haensal und Gretel’ (Humperdink), Sakai City Hall

              Opera ‘Madama Butterfly’, Kyoto Opera Festival at Nijo Castle World Heritage site, with Teatro Comunale di Bologna (Italy)

2015      Paris, France: ‘Le Jardin Perdu’ (Yannick Paget) with singing, piano and Japanese guitar, violin, etc.


Held regular dance classes and performances for pupils at the Lycée Francais de Kansai, and Kansai International School.

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